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I think u get the point. Hilarious, right?

I think u get the point. Hilarious, right?!?

But what about the SPAM that isn’t so obvious? The emails frm people we handed a business card 2 at a Chamber  mixer (and didn't give permission 2 be added 2 their list) or who friended us on Facebook or emailed us through the Contact page on our website? What about those SPAMMERS? They’re a little more insidious – but are u competing with them? I would hope not.

Here’s the thing. I get hundreds of SPAM emails a week some are of the hilarious type and some are from people who actually want my business and think that SPAMMING me is the way 2 get it. And what strikes me hilarious is that 4 each SPAM email I get, I probably know at least 5 businesses personally – or even virtually 4 that matter, that I would turn 2 if I were looking 2 hire that particular product or service.  Why would I hire a complete stranger – and a SPAMMER at that?

So here’s my point:  When I am working with small business owners 2 develop marketing systems 4 their businesses one of the key elements of that process is figuring how they are different so they can stand out in a crowd. One way u can be different is 2 NOT spam, another is 2 actually get out there – either off- or on- line and meet people.  The more people who know u, the better ur chances of being thought of when they are ready 2 buy what u have 2 offer.  The whole goal here is 2 u’re ur business known in ur niche so that ur target market never has 2 turn 2 a stranger!
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